Registration steps in

Registration Steps

Step 1: Creating a new account

  1. Choose an available username.
  2. Create a password. (The password must contain at least six characters. Students must select at least one small English letter, one capital English letter, and a non-alphabetic character such as #, @ in the password.)
  3. To receive ALTE International Certificates, please enter the full name in Latin letters according to the passport. Students must enter the first name and last name in English letters and the first letter should be capital e.g. John Doe.
  4. Enter a clear postal address (include your zip code) and mobile number.
  5. Please upload one photo which was taken from the front side with a plain background (face only)
  6. Please send the scan of your ID card to the WhatsApp account of 09375775191.
Create a new account

Step 2: Confirming the received email

After creating a new account, students receive a confirming e-mail. After confirming the e-mail, the account is activated.

In some cases, the confirmation e-mail enters the spam or junk folders. Students must confirm the e-mail after entering these folders.

Step 3: Participating in the placement test

After creating an account, students must take the free placement test for 10 minutes. Each student can take the test for several times, and we consider the last result as the level to choose courses.

Step 4: Paying the tuition

After the placement test, students must choose the desired course that matches the placement test result. To pay the tuition, students enter the approved portal of the Central bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and pay the course fee. 

By choosing a higher number of weeks to enroll, students would pay lower fees.

Step 5: Buying a book related to the course

After selecting and purchasing the books of the course, our transporter sends them to the student's place as soon as possible.

Buy Books

Step 6: Support

If there is a problem in any steps of the enrolment, please send a message to 09375775191 in WhatsApp Messenger so that a member of our technical support team is going to be in touch to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.