Teaching Method

  • In Classzabanam, the teaching team and the teachers put the two principles of Reward and Support at the forefront of their work, and not Rewarding would be the worst Reprimand. In Classzabanam, relying on the famous quote,'' if there are no mistakes, it is probably because no action has been taken'', teachers always accept the students' mistakes with open arms.

  • Students at lower levels are supported more by their teachers, but at higher levels, teachers gradually challenge the lingual ability of students. We believe that the completion of a training course requires independency. "The best teacher is the one who makes himself excessively unnecessary."

  • Another vital principle at Classzabanam is the enthusiasm and motivation of students. Inaction, not making progress, and lack of motivation are not acceptable in our education system. 

  • In Classzabanam, we base the teaching method on the educational system, and each session has specific goals and achievements.

  • In each session, teachers prepare a scenario and relate a daily out-of-lesson topic to the main topic of each lesson. Then, teachers tie the lesson's subject to the students' identity by using individual examples and expressing the experiences of each student. So, the subject becomes entirely tangible and understandable.

  • In each session, teachers link sessions by repeating key points and reviewing the previous session's material.

  • In Classzabanam teaching system, teachers correct the students' mistakes directly at the last step, and the correction steps are as follows:

    1. Correction of mistakes by the student himself (self-correction) to create awareness of institutionalized mistakes
    2. Correcting mistakes with the help of classmates (pier_ correction and discussion) to create key questions
    3. Correcting mistakes by the teacher and answering the key questions.