General Rules

The principles and procedures of Classzabanam are following the laws of Iran, the Electronic Commerce Law, and the Consumer Protection Law. Subsequently, students must comply with user-related laws. Classzabanam respects and protects the privacy of all students. In Classzabanam, we commit to protecting the students' privacy. In this regard, we develop technologies that give students the most powerful and safe online experience.

Registration Rules

  1. Age conditions: Students must enroll in the courses with the appropriate age group. Children (9 to 12 years old) Adolescents, (13 to 17 years old) Adults and (18 years and older)
  2. Users must complete the registration form with the correct and complete information when registering their names in the desired course. If students enter incomplete or incorrect information, they cannot track the registration. Therefore, entering the address, email, and contact number of the user confirms their accuracy.
  3. Participate in the level placement test: The purpose of the level placement test is to choose the appropriate course based on the students' language requirements. European Language Testing Association does this process in the form of a test. We determine the level of the students relying on standard and modern teaching methods to ensure that the course is useful for the student, and the students are responsible for honestly answering questions.
  4. After the level placement test and the appropriate course selection, the student must pay for the classes. Paying the class fee and sending the scan of the official ID card and photo to WhatsApp number 09375775191 is necessary to participate in Classzabanam classes.

Class Rules

    1. Do the exercises up to one day after the live class

    2. Being present in live classes and trying not to speak in Persian

    3. Access high-speed internet, download at least 5 mg and upload 2 mg based on speed test rating

    4. In rare cases, if the teacher is not present, the class will be held live at another time, and the student can use the recorded video of the class if it is not possible to participate in the live classes

Acceptance rules in each course

Final acceptance at each CEFR level is According to the evaluation of classroom activity and international test scores. Students can get to a higher level if they get a 75 or higher score, and they must complete a scientific evaluation application form.

Rules of communication with teachers and students

Communication between students and teachers in Classzabanam is only on the site, and any communication outside the site environment is illegal and against the rules of Classzabanam.